'Italo Beer' Sampler
'Italo Beer' Sampler 'Italo Beer' Sampler

'Italo Birra' Sampler which includes;

– Birra Baladin ‘Rock n Roll' Pale Ale  
– Birra Baladin ‘Isaac’ Blanche 
– Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa 
– Menabrea Arte in Lattina Cans 
– Les Bieres Du Grand Saint Bernard Napea 


'The 'Italo Birra' Sampler snapshots the eclectic world of Italian beers from unpasteurised craft beers, traditional brewers and idyllic regions such as the top of the Italian Alps'. 


About the Beers:

Birra Baladin ‘Rock n Roll' Pale Ale (Piemonte, Italy)
A beer with a white head and a persistent finish, Rock’n’Roll has a deep colour and a slight, homogeneous hazy appearance.

Birra Baladin ‘Isaac’ Blanche (Piemonte, Italy)
A cereal and citrus harmony for the first Italian blanche beer. A hay-yellow blanche, with a slightly hazy and cloudy appearance and a moderate, fine head.

Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa (Rome, Italy)
Rich, medium dark and malty. Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa is a beer of high quality taste and the warm aroma of malt and caramel.

Menabrea Arte in Lattina Cans (Alps, Italy)
Pilsner beer with compact foam, blonde colour, fine bitter sensation obtained from the fine hops, remarkable gustatory balance with floral aroma and dry and clean finish.

Les Bieres Du Grand Saint Bernard Napea (Valle D'Aosta, Italy)
Crisp and light lager made on top of the Alps, characterised by the honeyed taste of pilsner malt and by the herbaceous and floral aroma of German hops.