'Aperitivo Hour'
'Aperitivo Hour' 'Aperitivo Hour'

'Aperitivo' Bundle which includes;

– NV Paltrinieri 'Radice' Lambrusco Di Sorbara
– Campisi Anchovy Fillets 500g
– La Tamerici Chianti 'Red Wine' Jelly 120g


'The 'Aperitivo' bundle is the perfect starter to your afternoon cheese board including one of our favourite sparkling natural lambrusco's complemented with high quality natural anchovies from Sicily and Chianti wine jelly to spread all over your cheeses! Your friends will love you for it'.



About the Products:

NV Paltrinieri 'Radice' Lambrusco Di Sorbara (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
The 'Radice' lambrusco from Paltrinieri is as traditional as they come, refermented in the bottle with yeast left inside to give the wine longevity – sparkling salmon pink with notes of raspberry and grapefruit with fresh acidity makes for a perfect apéritif.

Campisi Anchovy Fillets 500g (Sicily, Italy)
These natural anchovies are so good, you don't need much more than some pane di case, cultured butter and a sprinkle of smoked paprika. Good times await!

La Tamerici Chianti 'Red Wine' Jelly 120g (Lombardy, Italy)
Made using Sangiovese grapes, this jelly is a combination of savoury and sweet and is at home with cheese as well as roasted or grilled meats. Try some on Bruschetta with rare roast beef or try it over some Chevre or any soft goats cheese. Yum!